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About The Grove and Cowichan Valley Distributed Learning School (CVDL)?

Grove or CVDL

We added The Grove to our name to better reflect the places and spaces in which we live and learn. We previously were know simply as Cowichan Valley Distributed Learning (CVDL).  Our program has been running in the valley since 1999!

As the Cowichan’s Distributed Learning school of choice, we offer flexible and individualized learning options for kindergarten to adult learners throughout the valley. All The Grove (CVDL) courses are delivered in an asynchronous manner and are self-paced. Students can work though courses in space, place and at a pace that fits their needs.

The Grove (CVDL) is proud to be apart of the Cowichan Valley Open Learning programs offered in School District 79. Our partner programs include Alternative Education Programs, Dual Credit Programs and Work Experience Programs.  There are so many ways that students in SD79 can meet their educational goals and find their passions.

Now back to The Grove:)

As the Cowichan Valley’s distributed learning school of choice, we offer flexible and individualized learning options for kindergarten to adult learners. Since we only focus on students in SD79, we offer more supports and one on one opportunities than any other DL option. Our K to 9 program is very flexible.  Families may choose to learn entirely at home or to participate in many of our blended learning opportunities.  The Grove (CVDL) Grade 10 to 12 program offers cross-enrollment options, as well as full time options.  The Grove (CVDL) learning lab is open 4 days per week.

As a publicly funded DL school in SD79, The Grove (CVDL) offers paper based and online courses to all non-graduated students in BC. All of our courses and programs are taught by BC Certified teachers, ensuring that the standards of education set by the BC Ministry of Education are met or exceeded.  Our school offers the kind of custom education options you’d expect from a private school without expensive tuition fees.

Distributed Learning vs Homeschooling

The Grove is a Distributed Learning (DL) school.

Most of our students are “enrolled” as distributed learners. However, there are other terms people often use to identify programs like ours, including: home-schooling, distance education and virtual education.

The “official” terms used by the B.C. Ministry of Education are: Distributed Learning and Homeschooling. Some families new to our program do not realize that there is a difference between the two, or they may confuse one with the other.

Distributed Learning vs Homeschooling – what is the difference?