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CVOL Parent Advisory Committee (PAC):

The Grove and CVOLC has a strong and thriving PAC this year, please see this link for more information-

CVOL Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Curricular dollar questions:

In the Distributed Learning, the Ministry has set a cap on the 3rd party services/resources allocation of up to $600 per student enrolled by September 30th. The school is only able to pay a third-party resource or service provider directly and cannot pay parents or students.

Allocation of funding to third parties is to be made based on the Student Learning Plan. In order to meet the BC Ministry prescribed curriculum requirements, the teacher will identify the services and resources the school and family are able to provide as well as those services and resources which may require support by way of a third party. If it is determined that third party resources and services are required, an amount up to $600 may be allocated as specified in the student learning plan.


Accounting recommended that we ask these third party billers to submit invoices with mailing addresses and invoice numbers on them so that we can track them easier rather than emails.

Our school board accounts payable department has kindly requested that these types of billings must be on invoices rather than in an email.

Please send us invoices with the following information

  • Date
  • Invoice number
  • Contact information (phone numbers,  email address)
  • Name and mailing address to mail the payment cheque to
  • Please indicated students name in the invoice as well

Accounting writes cheques every two weeks.

Invoices can be emailed to, dropped off or mailed to 1033 Nagle Street, Duncan BC V9L 2X3