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How to sign up with The Grove (CVDL)

Uy’SKweyul Sl’em (Welcome!)

**Please note, students do NOT attend at The Grove (CVDL) or CVOLC (Open Learning) on Sept. 8th. Teachers will be contacting students starting the week of September 8th for one-on-one Student Learning Plan meetings, but there will be no classes that first week. In case of emergencies, you can contact Scott Jackson ( or Charlie Coleman ( **

Step One.

Huy ch q’u (Thank you) for your interest in joining our school learning community. To proceed, please complete the online enrollment form here (or click on the blue button below).

  • Once the ONLINE enrollment form is filled out and submitted, you will receive an automated email from our student management system (aka SMS2).
  • Please note, if you are enrolling more than one student with our programs (YEAH, Huy ch q’u!), unfortunately, you will need to use a different student email for each enrollment form.

 Step Two.

Now you need to send us a copy of identification (POA/ID) and proof of residency (POR) for the student enrolling.

  1. For identification, Birth Certificate, Passport, Status card, or Permanent Resident Card (WE NEED A COPY OF BOTH SIDES OF THE CARD).
  2. For proof of residency, BC Care Card, BC ID Card, BC Driver’s License, Status Card, or current utility bill (WE NEED A COPY OF BOTH SIDES OF THE CARD)


  • Fax, scan or send a picture to
  • Text images to 250-701-1021 (include students name and grade in the body of text)
  • Come to the office to have photocopied: 1033 Nagle Street (MacKirdy Building)

 Step Three.

  • K to 9 program:

    • First, a member from our administration team will contact you to discuss our program and you programs needs and desires. You can reach out to them first if you wish ( or
    • Once this initial contact is made, the admin team will bring forward new families to the Grove Team. Teachers will be assigned to each new family and will contact them for an intake meeting ASAP.
    • At this intake meeting, the new teacher and family will:
      • Review roles of Teachers, Parents & Students in a DL program
      • Review internet usage and our Aboriginal Education program
      • Co-create the Student Learning Plan (SLP) for the school year
  • 10 to 12 program:

    • Once The Grove clerical receives your POR and POA, a second automated email will be sent to you with your new Moodle username and password (where all your work will be obtain and completed). You will need this to ‘sign in’ to your new online course(s)
      • If you already have a SD79 Moodle account with the email used for enrollment, you will NOT be given a new username and password. If you forgot your old login information, please contact our office.
    • If you are moving to The Grove (CVDL) program full time, you will also complete a Graduation Plan and a Student Learning Plan (SLP) with our academic advisor, we will also request your records from your old school. Please make an appoint with our academic advisor ASAP (Charlie Coleman, 250-701-1021,
    • Please note that staff will NOT be working over the summer. Any work done by students over the summer will be assessed by teachers in September.

Step Four.

For all programs, work needs to be submitted within two weeks of enrollment or the signing of the Student Learning Plan (SLP).

Step Five.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information: FAQ

Contact our office if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you, we look forward to learning with you!