K to 9 programs


K to 9 Program Descriptions

Grove Highlights.

  • Located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley (all students and families are from the Cowichan Valley)
  • BC public school (no tuition), a part of SD79
  • BC Certified teachers (curriculum resources, instructional support, and on-going assessment and evaluation)
  • More than 50% of the learning happens at home with a dedicated home facilitator, support by their BC Certified teacher
  • Access to 1000’s curriculum resources (online, paper based, District Learning Resource room resources, and the Grove resource library)
  • $600 3rd party services/resources allocation
  • Full time Youth Care Worker
  • Full time Resource / Learning Assistance teacher
  • Access to all SD79 learner supports
  • Access to a site based Principal and Vice-Principal
  • Small student- teacher ratios
  • Opportunities to attend blended learning class times each each (amount of time is teacher dependent)
  • Many workshop opportunities
  • Support for accessing family specific curriculum resources
  • Use of FreshGrade or EdInformed (collection of learning is more portfolio based)
  • Formal report of learning is twice a year

An Overview.

The Grove is Cowichan Valley’s (SD79) Distributed Learning program, we offer B.C. students and parents a flexible, personal BLENDED learning program. This means that students are learning at home with opportunities for face-to-face student/teacher engagement.  Teacher, parent and student collaborate together to develop a Student Learning Plan that aligns the Ministry of Education’s Core Competencies AND the student’s unique needs, interests and strengths.  The idea is that students achieve the outcomes for their grade levels, with flexibility in how that is achieved.

This program is led by BC Certified teachers who will provide curriculum resources, instructional support, a variety of engaging and interesting activities for students learning at home, and on-going assessment and evaluation of student progress.  The teacher, parent and student are a team that work together to create enriching learning experiences.

Our program allows children to be educated, in part or in whole, at sites outside of regular school campus. We offer resources, curriculum support, direction, and flexibility.  By enrolling in the DL Program, parents are agreeing to develop Student Learning Plans in conjunction with a BC certified teacher, to have their children follow provincial curriculum, and to provide work samples for assessment by their child’s teacher.

Our Vision and Values.

Vision. 100% success for each learner as per their student learning plan.

Mission. “The Mission Statement of Open Learning, in partnership with community, is to provide students with an alternative to the regular school programs by offering an opportunity to experience success in a safe, nurturing, learning environment that emphasizes social, emotional and academic development.”

Our core values are to Inspire, Nurture, and Grow as a school community.

K-9 Programs at The Grove.

Our new name, the Grove, attempts to represent the places and spaces in which we live and learn together. We feel the Grove sounds groovy, fun, feels like growth and gives a sense of community!

We have also re-named our programs within the Grove:

  • Sprouts: Kindergarten to grade three.
  • Seedlings: Grades four to six.
  • Saplings: Grades seven to nine.

Swallowtail: Kindergarten to grade nine.

We are so excited to welcome the Swallowtail families to our community this year. The program is hosted on a 17-acre farm in Cowichan Station.  Activities are mostly outside in nature and on the farm, using real hands-on learning, imaginative play and experiential learning as our curriculum.  The curriculum follows nature and may use teachings of 8-Shields and Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature (Young et al, 2010) that focuses on experiential learning using nature as a guide as much as possible.  Children and their families will be included in the unfolding of the year.  Suitable mentors will join the group to help lead activities and impart wisdom where appropriate. A warm cozy inside space will be available to dry off when it rains and do art, music, games or reading.

*The Swallowtail program currently has a waitlist, please contact us for more information


Learning Cycles.

Starting in September, the K-9 DL Program will be organized into approximately 8-week learning cycles.  Students will spend each 8-week cycle working on the Student Learning Plan.  At the end of the 8-week cycle, student/home facilitator and teacher meetings will take place.  At that time, the students will be asked to present a celebration of their learning.  Student Learning Plans will also be revisited and updated to reflect changes in student goals.

3rd Party Funds Available.

In the Distributed Learning, the Ministry has set a cap on the 3rd party services/resources allocation of up to $600 per student enrolled by September 30th. The school is only able to pay a third-party resource or service provider directly and cannot pay parents or students.

Allocation of funding to third parties is to be made based on the Student Learning Plan. In order to meet the BC Ministry prescribed curriculum requirements, the teacher will identify the services and resources the school and family are able to provide as well as those services and resources which may require support by way of a third party. If it is determined that third party resources and services are required, an amount up to $600 may be allocated as specified in the student learning plan.

The % of the $600 available is dependent on when the student enrolls in the program:

  • Before September 30th= $600
  • Between October 1st and January 31st= $300
  • Between February 1st and April 30th= $150

Examples of items covered by 3rd party services/resources allocation:

  • Swim lessons
  • Art lessons
  • Soccer registration
  • Music lessons
  • Workshops
  • Tours (museum)
  • Gymnastics

For information on how to submit invoices, please check out our FAQ page (near bottom of page): Grove FAQ’s

For more information from the MOE perspective (bottom of page): Reimbursements to third party service providers

Overview of the BC EDUC  K to 9 Redesigned Curriculum.

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