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List of all course offerings at The Grove (CVDL) 10 to 12 program

(P) Course offered on paper

(OL) Course offered online (in Moodle)

NEW Graduation Requirements

2018-2019 Graduation Handbook

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Grade 10

Art 10 (Visual Arts)
Career and Life Education (OL)

Please note: For the new English Language Arts 10 program, students are to choose TWO of the following five 2 credit courses to satisfy their English Language Arts 10 credit.

English Language Arts: Composition (2 Credits) (OL)
English Language Arts: Creative Writing (2 Credits) (OL)
English Language Arts: Literary Studies (2 Credits) (OL)
English Language Arts: New Media (2 Credits) (OL)
English Language Arts: Spoken Language (2 Credits) (OL)
Entrepreneurship 10: Starting Your Business (MADEM10) (OL)
Independent Directed Studies 10, 11, or 12 (OL)
Math 10 Apprenticeship and Workplace (OL)
Math 10 Foundations and Pre-Calculus (OL)
PHE 10 (OL)
Science 10 (OL)
Social Studies 10 (OL)

Grade 11

Art 11, Studio Arts, Drawing and Painting
Biology 11 (OL)
Chemistry 11 (OL)
Communications 11 (P and OL)
Digital Photography 11 (OL)
Earth Science 11 (OL)
English 11 (P and OL)
Family Studies 11 (OL)
Foods 11 (OL)
Independent Directed Studies 10, 11, or 12 (OL)
Math 11 Apprenticeship and Workplace (OL)
Math 11 Foundations (OL)
Math 11 Pre-Calculus (OL)
PE 11 (OL)
Physics 11 (OL)
Psychology 11: The Road to Self-Discovery (OL)
Science for Citizens 11 (OL)
Social Studies 11 (OL)

Grade 12

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 12 (MSRA-12) (OL)
Art 12: Art in World Cultures (MAF12) (OL)
BC First Peoples 12 (SS12-FP) (OL)
Biology 12 (OL)
Career and Life Connections (aka Grad Transitions 12) (OL)
Chemistry 12 (OL)
Communications 12 (P and OL)
Cosmetology 12: Cutting Edge Styles (BAA TBA) (OL)
Digital Photography 12 (OL)
Early Childhood Education 12 (MHS2A) (OL)
English 12 (P and OL)
Family Studies 12 (OL)
Foods 12 (OL)
Forestry and Natural Resources 12 ( MSRFO12) (OL)
Geography 12 (OL)
Independent Directed Studies 10, 11, or 12 (OL)
Law Studies 12 (SS12-Law) (OL)
Math 12 Foundations (OL)
Math 12 Pre-Calculus (OL)
PE 12 (OL)
Psychology 12: Living in a Complex World (OL)
Textiles 12 (Fashion & Interior Design) (OL)
Tourism 12 (P and OL)
Vet 12 (OL)
WEX 12 (P)