10 to 12 Program


The Grove (CVDL) Dogwood Program

Grove Highlights.

  • Located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley (all students and families are from the Cowichan Valley)
  • BC public school (no tuition), a part of SD79
  • BC Certified teachers (curriculum resources, instructional support, and on-going assessment and evaluation)
  • Access to over 60 courses online (many available on paper and as portfolio / project base courses- ask teacher for more info,)
  • $600 for 3rd party services/resources allocation (% available depends on number of courses activated in)
  • Youth Care Worker
  • Resource / Learning Assistance teacher
  • Access to all SD79 learner supports
  • Access to a site based Principal and Vice-Principal
  • Small student- teacher ratios
  • Opportunities to work on site (Mon. to Thurs. from 10 am to 2 pm)
  • Formal report of learning four times a year

Who is The Grove (CVDL)?

We have just started a re-branding process of our program. We previously were know simply as Cowichan Valley Distributed Learning (CVDL). We added The Grove to our name to better reflect the places and spaces in which we live and learn. Our program has been running in the valley since 1999!

As the Cowichan’s Distributed Learning school of choice, we offer flexible and individualized learning options for kindergarten to adult learners throughout the valley. All The Grove (CVDL) courses are delivered in an asynchronous manner and are self-paced. Students can work though courses in space, place and at a pace that fits their needs.

The Grove (CVDL) classes are ideal for students with a wide range of needs. Some of our students take one or two online courses as part of a graduation plan. Some of our students are looking to upgrade a mark or jump ahead in their studies. Some of our students are elite athletes or performers that need a flexible school schedule. Some of our students find that distributed learning, for a variety of reasons, is simply a better fit.

We offer two grade 10 to 12 program options, a full-time program option where we become the school of record (SOR), and a cross enrollment option where a student who is enrolled at their current school (CSS, CHS, LCS, FKS, CVOLC) can take a few courses with us at The Grove (CVDL).

Our courses are taught by SD79 teachers.

Having a great teacher makes all the difference. All our courses are taught by skilled, Cowichan Valley School District 79 teachers who are subject specialist’s. Both options also offer the support a youth care worker, two administrators and an academic advisor

We offer a full-time schooling option leading towards a ‘Dogwood’ diploma.

Full time 10-12 students can enroll with The Grove (CVDL) at any time and choose from a full range of academic and elective courses. We offer courses that are either paper based, project/portfolio based or online (in Moodle). These courses can be completed at any time and at any pace, allowing students to develop their own schedule and meet their graduation requirements at any time during the calendar year.

Courses are approved by the BC Ministry of Education.

As part of SD79, our courses can be used toward a British Columbia Dogwood or Adult Graduation Certificate. We currently offer about 45 different courses that span all the full range of secondary studies. For a list of available course, see courses top tab above. All The Grove (CVDL) students also have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary schooling, including all of the dual credit programs offered by the district.

We offer cross-enrollment options.

Cross enrollment offers the flexibility to be enrolled in more than one BC school at a time, utilizing resources from more than one school district. Cross-enrollment gives SD79 students and high school guidance counselors more options to help to optimize local opportunities, put together more flexible scheduling, and add a self-directed component to conventional high school classes.

The Grove (CVDL) teachers visit our local high schools on a regular basis to check in with students who cannot make it to the learning centre. We also have test site options at each of our local high schools.

Learning Hub open four days a week.

The Grove (CVDL) is located at 1033 Nagle Street which is in Duncan, British Columbia. Our program runs out of the McKirdy building. Here we offer a Learning Hub that is open:

Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 2 pm

Friday: Closed

Student can come to work on their courses, use our computers, photocopier and printers, as well as get one on one help on their courses.

Tuition is free for school-aged BC residents.

The Grove (CVDL) courses are tuition-free to school age students who are Canadian citizens that reside in British Columbia.

About SD79 Careers and Dual Credit Program Options.

Careers and Dual Credit is for school aged School District 79 students interested in taking advantage of a FREE TUITION opportunity to get a head start on their career plans. Students can participate in this program prior to or immediately after graduation as long as they are still school aged (under 19 as of July 1st). Some of the programs available to School District 79 students include: HCA (Health Care Assistant), ECE (Early Childhood Education), Welding, Mechanics, RACM, Carpentry, Plumbing, Horticulture Tech, Professional Cook Training, Electrician, Hairdressing and more.

The Careers and Transitions site contains practical information about finding a training program that matches a student’s skills and interests. All of our FREE TUITION programs help students learn the core skills needed for a chosen career field, and many include hands-on work experience with local industry.

Check our website for more information:

Can non-graduated adults take courses at The Grove?

A few years ago SD79 closed their adult learning programs as VIU in Duncan offers an amazing program. Officially, we not longer run an adults program and support VIU by sending any new students their way.
VIU offers a wonderful program for adult learners called the High School Equivalency (ABE):
SD79 has partnered with VIU (Cowichan Campus) to support our non-graduated adults.
Grove option:
If the VIU program is not a good fit (i.e. scheduled classes do not fit with work schedule), then we can also offer an adult graduation on a case by case basis approve by the Principal or Vice-Principal.
We do require all adults 19 years of age or older to submit a criminal record check as they would be working in a room with minors and vulnerable youth (we offer an easy free online option that can be done at The Grove).
All our classes are offered/run online and students generally work independently at home and connect with their Grove teachers for support when needed.
If this is a better fit, please connect with the administration team.

3rd Party Funds Available.

In the Distributed Learning, the Ministry has set a cap on the 3rd party services/resources allocation of up to $600 per student enrolled by September 30th. The school is only able to pay a third-party resource or service provider directly and cannot pay parents or students.

Allocation of funding to third parties is to be made based on the Student Learning Plan/current courses enrolled and active in. In order to meet the BC Ministry prescribed curriculum requirements, the teacher will identify the services and resources the school and family are able to provide as well as those services and resources which may require support by way of a third party. If it is determined that third party resources and services are required, an amount up to $600 may be allocated as specified in the student learning plan.

For grades 10 to 12, the % of funds available depends on the number of courses they have activated in for that current school year. A total of 6 active courses are needed to access all $600.

For example:

In September you activate in three courses (by completing 10% of course learning activities), you can access $300

For information on how to submit invoices, please check out our FAQ page (near bottom of page): Grove FAQ’s

For more information from the MOE perspective (bottom of page): Reimbursements to third party service providers

Overview of the BC EDUC 10 to 12 Redesigned Curriculum.

(Click on the description which will take you to the EDUC website)

Why is Curriculum Changing?

Curriculum Overview.

Detailed Course Overviews.

NEW Graduation Requirements

2018-2019 Graduation Handbook

It’s easy to sign up.

With continuous enrollment, you can sign up for most courses at any time. The process is simple and, in most cases, can be done online. For more information, visit the Sign Up Now top tab above.